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Gospel Alive, Incorporated is a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1984 by Dale Peterson, with a two-fold purpose—global evangelism and  discipleship—all in partnership with local churches.  The corporation was organized and continues for exclusively religious, educational, and charitable purposes, specifically to promote missionary interests, activity and evangelism consistent with biblical principles and propagating the Christian faith by establishing a world-wide network of missionary services and activities.


These activities and events are accomplished through soliciting and coordinating direct involvement in missionary endeavors by pastors, churches and individuals from the United States of America in missionary programs in foreign countries, and including for such purposes the making of distributions to organizations that qualify under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future U.S. Internal Revenue law). 


The primary, but not exclusive, means of accomplishing the above-described purpose will be the training and financing of individuals to travel to and personally participate in evangelistic campaigns in foreign countries.  A historical overview is included below.


Since the initial ministry thrust of 46 simultaneous revival meetings throughout the Philippine Islands, a National Pastors & Christian Workers Conference, and Metro-Manila evangelistic crusade, (known as “Gospel Alive ’85), events have been sponsored in 30 countries throughout the world. 


Partnering with American churches

Many American churches want an involvement greater than merely financially supporting vocational missionaries.  Gospel Alive offers consulting, guidance, and training for local churches to assist in project planning, preparing participants, connecting with missionary personnel, and facilitating cross-cultural events such as evangelism, literature distribution, construction, and other forms of involvement. 


Partnering with national churches cross-culturally

Currently, Gospel Alive is highly focused on youth leadership development in Great Britain, specifically assisting local churches to identify, recruit, and train leadership teams in effective youth ministry.  Additionally, and in partnership with churches from both sides of “the pond,” Gospel Alive offers event planning and implementation to assist churches with outreach events to aid them in evangelism and discipleship. 


Founding Officers of Gospel Alive, Inc.

Rev. Delbert Hooge—Having hosted a ministry team from Liberty University (then Liberty Baptist College in 1978), as a veteran missionary in the Philippines, Del knew the evangelistic impact of a ministry that combined music and message, and became the brainchild for what became Gospel Alive, Inc. in 1985.


Dr. Robert Woosley—an American pastor and educator, who had been raised in the Philippines, Bob Woosley became the sounding board for his friend and brother-in-law, Del Hooge, as he shared the early vision of a concert of events to make a national impact for Christ throughout the Philippine Islands. 


Rev. Dale Peterson—Because of his involvement with missionaries in the Philippines, Dale, an American pastor, educator, and radio show host, was approached by Bob and Del who shared their thoughts—ideas that expanded the involvement and impact previously experienced in 1978.


Current Board of Directors

Rev. Dale Peterson, president, director, and CEO—With a multi-faceted pastoral ministry spanningover 40 years, Dale maintains a primary focus on global evangelism through the local church, using every available means at every available moment to assist pastors and churches in developing and implementing global ministry.  Dale is an author, international speaker, the father of five grown children.  He and his wife reside in Clarkston, Michigan.


Dr. David Brown, vice-president and director—Dave and Dale began youth ministry about the same time on opposite sides of metropolitan Detroit in 1970.  Although their ministry paths have remained similar for over forty years, and their geographic paths have been divergent, the deep-seated friendship has only grown.  Dave currently serves as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, where he, his wife Bev, and their grown children reside. 


Mrs. Sue Carter, secretary—A housewife and mother, Sue has a very personal understanding of the evangelism and discipleship efforts of Dale Peterson, having come to faith in Christ under his ministry in the 1990s when he was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Davisburg, Michigan.  Sue, her husband Dean, and their family reside in Davisburg, Michigan.


Mr. Joshua Peterson, director—the youngest son of Dale Peterson, born the year following the founding of Gospel Alive, grew up with the organization and as an active part of many of the domestic activities and events.  Joshua shares his father’s passion and vision for global ministry impact.  He and his wife Amber reside in Wilson, North Carolina, where they are active in their local church ministry.


Ministries through Gospel Alive Camps

As a strategic ingredient of youth leadership development, and in partnership with local churches, Gospel Alive has conducted children’s and youth camps in England, Mexico, Philippines, United States, and Wales



As a “universal language,” music is an oft-used tool in conveying the Good News in various settings and venues, opening many doors for dynamic ministry cross-culturally.



Even prior to the formal incorporation of Gospel Alive, the principal leaders of the organization were instrumental in dozens of construction projects, ranging from modest church buildings to hangars and runways for small aircraft in various countries. 



In synchronization with its primary purpose, wherever Gospel Alive goes, evangelism is the central thread of all activity, with converts to Christianity being guided to local churches for follow-up and discipleship.



While some organizations are strongly evangelistic, the long-term results are minimized due to limited follow-up.  Such a breakdown can leave new converts without the spiritual encouragement and nurture they need to begin their Christian journey.  Gospel Alive endeavors to address this need through local church discipleship training, thereby developing disciple-makers for effective ministry. 


Literature Distribution

Even in well-developed countries, many people have never personally owned a copy of the Scriptures, or even a portion of the Bible, such as the Gospel of John.  Wherever Gospel Alive is active, ever effort is made to put a copy the Scriptures into the hands of each new believer, so they may grow in their faith through Bible-reading in their own language, and usually under the guidance of a disciple-maker from a partner church.


School Assemblies

Utilizing themes that address current and often dangerous trends amongst young people (such as bullying, self-esteem issues, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual relationships, etc.), Gospel Alive often assists local churches in developing community influence by conducting assemblies and citizenship classes in private and public schools.


Youth Leadership Development

To better encourage and insure long-term growth of local church partners, Gospel Alive continues to offer youth leadership development seminars and conferences for churches and their leadership teams whose primary focus is children and young people.


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